WaterExpert is Now opsCTRL

WaterExpert is becoming opsCTRL

Welcome to evolved operations

Bookmark the new login page

Not just a fresh coat of paint

Same users and passwords

Get there 45% faster

What's New?

opsCTRL Edge facilitates a powerful and secure connection to a facility that harnesses both the power of the cloud and the reliability and offline requirements of your local network. opsCTRL Edge will scale to meet any plant’s data requirements and ensure maintain industry-leading secure and reliable connection with the facilities.

New Industrial Edge Setup

Use your existing login credentials

Your WaterExpert account, including all data, users and logs are will soon be accessible through opsCTRL.com

You can log in using your existing login credentials. If you’ve forgotten your password you can use the reset password feature on the login page.

opsCTRL Two-sided Architecture

With the new opsCTRL branding, it is easier to understand the relationship between the supplier side (formerly CRM) and the facility side (formerly WaterExpert). Data permission, transparency, and privacy are fundamental to the architectural improvements we’re making. Our future architecture will allow you to seamlessly switch perspectives and clearly define data ownership, access, and rights.

New app and everything!

As of October 8th you will need to use the new opsCTRL apps.