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opsCTRL is a Connected Data, Asset and Knowledge Management Solution built for facility operators.

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what is opsCTRL?

An easy-to-use platform for operators, contractors and engineers.

opsCTRL brings the digital advantage to wherever you need it. Nobody referring to manuals because of the cluttered book shelf? Digitize and search them on your phone. Want custom charts or alarms without the help of a process engineer? Build them yourself with our simple tools. Schedule, assign and track maintenance with simple one-click service logs. Use it all or just what you need!
Always accessible

Stay connected, even when you're on the go

So you just pulled into the driveway and you receive an alarm message. Turn around and drive back in to the plant? Nah. First, check the status of your process with customizable data visualizations right on your phone. Then schedule a work order for first thing tomorrow morning and go eat dinner while it's still hot.
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Get the whole picture

Everything you need to know, available at a glance

Check the status of your plant, schedule upcoming maintenance, review and acknowledge alarms and more in one convenient platform. Available on desktop and mobile devices.
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Other amazing features

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One-Click Service Logs

Complete a maintenance task and log the work done with a single click in a Quick Service Log. Or add more comments, pics or video with a Detailed Service Log

Digital Rounds Sheets

Do your daily rounds on your device. Refer to attached media or attach photos to your inspection rounds. Automatically update charts / tables with the recorded data.

Offline Functionality

Struggling with network connection in rural areas or in basements? Use opsCTRL in Offline Mode to check maintenance tasks, saved media or complete rounds.

Conditional Maintenance

Trigger a work order based on a custom alarm. Sensor data seems frozen? Identify that with a Smart Alarm and automatically assign a visual inspection to any user to begin assessing the situation.

Smart Alarms. Like, really smart.

Let opsCTRL's advanced Calculation Engine analyze your equipment's data and identify anomalies. Preview your alarm parameters to reduce nuisance alarms. (How many times would this alarm have triggered in the last 7 days?)

Data Security

All facility data is stored in secure AWS Cloud servers and opsCTRL undergoes regular third-party penetration tests to ensure your data is safe.

What's your biggest pain point?

Custom Alarm Monitoring

Create and manage your own alarms using our easy-to-use alarm builder. Acknowledge, assign recipients and trigger work orders based on your facility's unique data.

Nobody referring to the manuals?

Upload digital versions, or procedure PDFs or even a video of your senior operator showing how to do it right. Build your own resource library that is accessible from anywhere.

Don't transcribe rounds data

Collect daily rounds readings directly in the system! Then use that data to automatically populate charts, reports or even trigger alarms. Less busy work, more insights!

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Interested in reducing your double-work while improving your equipment data visibility?
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