opsCTRL Supplier

Hassle-free access to your install-base's data for equipment performance management.

Go digital and differentiate your products
from your competitors!

How can you use opsctrl supplier?

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Service and Warranty Efficiencies

As a Supplier, you'll get immediate feedback on alarms and warnings. This insures that the operational practices are compliant with warranty. Helping your equipment to work at maximum efficiency.

Digital Platform

With digital delivery of O&M's and other media through opsCTRL Facility™, you'll be able to quickly update your client's media libraries with new best practices and documentation.

Better KPIs and Benchmarking

Gain insights into the performance of your many different installations in order to gather information that will help you to know how to upgrade your products.

Better Communication

Allow your end users to easily identify who to contact for service issues. And be able to see updated contacts at your many plants.

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