opsCTRL™ Supplier Basics

Module 1 Accounts and Contacts
Unit 1 Add New Account  
Unit 2 Accounts Dashboard  
Unit 3 Account Page Overview  
Unit 4 Add New Contact  
Module 2 Product and Product Configurations
Unit 1 Product Structure Introduction  
Unit 2 Creating A New Product  
Unit 3 Creating a Product Configuration and Templates  
Unit 4 Attaching Attributes to Your Product  
Module 3 Assets (Installation Base)
Unit 1 Creating an Asset  
Unit 2 Importing Product Templates  
Unit 3 Asset Groups and Hierarchy  
Unit 4 Asset Details  
Unit 5 Maintenance  
Unit 6 Attachments (internal)  
Unit 7 Media Library (External)  
Unit 8 Assets Advanced Search  
Module 4 Data Module
Unit 1 Adding a data connection to an Account  
Unit 2 Creating Chart Visualizations  
Unit 3 Creating Widgets  
Unit 4 Creating a Data Table  
Unit 5 Creating Basic & Advanced Alarms  
Module 5 opsCTRL Facility Publishing and Registration
Unit 1 Enabling opsCTRL Facility Accounts and Registering Contacts  
Unit 2 Publishing Assets to opsCTRL Facility  
Unit 3 Sharing Charts, Widgets, and Alarms  
Module 6 Opportunity Management
Unit 1 Adding a New Opportunity  
Unit 2 Managing Multiple Proposals  
Unit 3 Opportunity Attributes  
Unit 4 Creating and Saving Custom Views  
Unit 5 Creating a Marketing Campaign  
Module 7 Case Management
Unit 1 Case Management Introduction  
Unit 2 Setting Up Your Global Categories  
Unit 3 Product Specific Categorization